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Keys? We don't need no keys. How to share and encrypt without sharing the key.

So many keys, so little time One of the big issues and barriers with encryption is key management – You need a strong, random, hard to guess key that both parties know, you need to share this key with the other party, and managing how to store the key somewhere safe is a serious impediment to widespread adoption of encryption. Any security focused app that want's to be successful needs a user experience that hides many of the steps needed to secure data while at the same time, securing the data. And even more importantly - You need to take the decision whether or not to encrypt out of the hands of your team by making it seamless and transparent. With DropVault we try to address the issue of managing your keys – We let you share conversations and documents with anyone without ever sharing the encryption key. How does this work? When you create a channel and choose an encryption key, we also create a password.   For every user you invite to access the cha

Why email sucks as a secure collaboration tool

We all use email – it’s been around for so long and although we’ve added features and the apps have got better, it’s still basically the same beneath the hood. But email today is used far more than anyone would have ever thought – for teams, as a filing cabinet, team collaboration and countless other uses. The problem with email is that it was never designed for any of this and it struggles to be successful when stretched beyond it's limits. Why are apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams growing so fast? Look at the rise and massive success of messaging apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams. They are evidence that email for teams doesn’t work great and to stay productive, to regain control, we need to move onto apps that are designed for something more than just sending a message. So what’s DropVault all about? In a nutshell – It’s secure collaboration and document sharing. In today's world we need collaboration and sharing but we also need security and priva