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So many parties, so little time - How Dropvault brought secure collaboration to property conveyancing

Property conveyancing is essentially collaboration between many parties. Bringing together all the tasks needed to complete a property purchase and managing these tasks & paperwork across a number of independent teams. And doing so securely. It's this very collaboration that takes time and is prone to delays and missed deadlines. One delay, one missed email with a valuable document, can disrupt timelines and squeeze profit out of what is already a low margin activity. So many parties, so little time Conveyancing by it's very natures involves input and actions from many parties - From two or more legal teams,2 banks or financial institutions, estate agents/realtors and the clients themselves - Coordination across all these parties at the various stages of the process is complicated and time consuming. Today this is mostly carried out over email - Sending or cc'ing multiple parties in banks, estate agents, property searches - the list is endless and tracking th