So many parties, so little time - How Dropvault brought secure collaboration to property conveyancing

Property conveyancing is essentially collaboration between many parties. Bringing together all the tasks needed to complete a property purchase and managing these tasks & paperwork across a number of independent teams. And doing so securely.

It's this very collaboration that takes time and is prone to delays and missed deadlines. One delay, one missed email with a valuable document, can disrupt timelines and squeeze profit out of what is already a low margin activity.

So many parties, so little time

Conveyancing by it's very natures involves input and actions from many parties - From two or more legal teams,2 banks or financial institutions, estate agents/realtors and the clients themselves -

Coordination across all these parties at the various stages of the process is complicated and time consuming. Today this is mostly carried out over email - Sending or cc'ing multiple parties in banks, estate agents, property searches - the list is endless and tracking these activities and responses takes time from your already stretched team.

We set about to change this.

Where does DropVault come into play?

Dropvault has tackled this coordination problem by bringing all the parties together into a shared channel - These channels allow all parties or teams to share conversations, messages, updates, action items and importantly documents with every other team. No more emailing, no more cc'ing. From starting a conversation, sharing a document or providing an update to all the teams, its simple, seamless and above all, secure.

Keep everyone on the same page

One of the keys to reducing costs and increasing margins in any conveyancing transaction is ensuring that deadlines are not missed and each team reaches their milestones with minimal calls and interaction.

All a team has to do is create a new channel for this transaction, then invite members from other teams to access the channel.

Need to post an update on the transaction? Just create a new conversation , attach documents and these updates are shared with every other team in the channel. This way updates are visible to all  teams without having to forward, notify or cc anyone.

Got a deadline date you have to meet?  Add to the channel calendar so it is visible to the entire team. Need to remind a team member (in any team), just a a reminder and pick the date and time.

This is how secure collaboration should be. 

What about security?

Any property purchase, by it's very nature, is surrounded by privacy issues - Title deeds, financial documents, searches, property surveys and tax issues all come into play in any transaction and keeping these documents and messages secure and private is critical to any legal business.

DropVault is built from the ground up with security by default. Every message, reply and document is automatically encrypted and secured. Add in two factor authentication and trusted locations and your data is always secure.

And with DropVault you only have to authenticate or log into the channel once. After that every message is automatically encrypted and your team do not have to bother with encryption keys or passwords.

Why collaboration instead of encrypted email?

  • Everything is in one place. No searching multiple threads in your email Inbox
  • Everything is secured by default and not a user choice. If you are sharing sensitive documents and messages then encryption is a must.
  • Need to find a document in a hurry but don't know which conversation it is in? Our document finder will pull all documents from every conversation for easy access.
  • If you forget to "CC" someone on a message they can catch up by opening the channel and access the latest messages.
  • If a party arrives later to the conversation the entire history of every message and conversation is available to them. No forwarding of messages needed.
  • Auditing is built in. See who sent what and when did they sent it.
Secure collaboration like this is not limited to property conveyancing. Any team in any business can now collaborate securely and in private with their messages and documents secured and protected.


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